Corrective Exercise

This facet of our business, is by and large the most prevalent. We strive to reverse the effects of a lifetime of poor posture and dysfunctional body mechanics.

When it comes to repairing your body, we first help you to repair the way you exercise. We take a step-by-step approach identifying the most effective solution to your  pain and frustration. Whether your issue is chronic or injury-based, our team has a wealth of tools and knowledge to assess and restore proper movement, and to regain strength, endurance, and mobility for your body.

We offer specialty dual-trainer sessions with both Dave Sten and Chris Daly (co-owners of S10) working together to plan the most comprehensive course of action for your needs. This approach will give you twice the attention and observation per session, and hopefully maximize the speed of your recovery. 

The entire S10 team is fully capable of providing equally expert care, as we are a group of like minded and skilled individuals with a single goal - your benefit.