Lifting my first weights at age 13.



Howdy, I am Robert Petrucelli, but you can call me Bob. I was born in a small town in Pennsylvania called Cambridge Springs. My family; mom, dad, and older sister moved to San Diego when I was five and have lived here ever since. What a perfect city to grow up in.

I was always a natural athlete. My mom was a bit of a tomboy, and my dad was a world class sprinter/ pole vaulter. I spent most of my life playing in the local canyons, or surfing at our beautiful beaches. Luckily we lived close to the Clairemont Boys Club, where I played sports, and got some great coaching. I excelled at Boxing, winning San Diego golden gloves. I also wrestled and played right wing on our California state champion soccer team, where I won MVP. At Madison High School I lettered in all around gymnastics and wrestling all three years.  Loving the ocean, I next learned how to dive. Through my best friend, I became a commercial diver. Over the course of 20 years, I spent 20,000 + hours harvesting abalone and sea urchin's. I dove the San Diego coast, then the Santa Barbara channel islands and Bodega Bay coast.  What a fantastic adventure, Whoa!

After I retired it was a natural move to try personal training.

I think there are only two things you can do in life, help yourself and help other people. I try to maintain that balance. I've always been curious, and read everything on the subject I could and still do. I found I really enjoyed helping others improve themselves.

My first job was at Jack Lelanne's Health Spa. I took a second job at Spa Del Mar and in over four years I taught over 500 classes in weight training, yoga and water aerobics. I moved to Point Loma and went to work for a new company called 24 Hour Fitness where after 17 years full time I performed 30,000 one-on-one sessions as a master trainer and manager. This is where I met Chris, Dave and Kaitlin who are my connections with S10 Fitness.

After 17 years as a trainer I can say I'm having to best time of my training life, working with good friends and such a knowledgeable group.  With the years of experience I have developed the saying; all ages, all goals, all sports.

Love and Health

Robert Petrucelli

S10 fitness; proven track record + years of experience, at affordable rates = your success.