Here are some quick and honest tips from the guys at S10 Fitness on how to successfully maintain your health and fitness during vacation and extended travel.


Researching your accommodations for potential pitfalls and triggers (over consumption of calories and general over indulgences) also establishing the proximity of a fitness facility to your hotel, and or if the hotel provides any exercise equipment.

Plan -  Set a minimum allowable time to exercise during the trip, and set an intention for meeting at least that number.

Commit - You are on vacation or away from your normal routine, your body doesn't recognize that fact. You cannot expect the same results you've been achieving at home, if you don't mildly resemble your normal lifestyle during travel.

Photo by RyanKing999/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RyanKing999/iStock / Getty Images

Prepare - Packing workout clothes, resistance bands, running shoes, protein powders and healthy snacks will set you up for success and eliminate excuses.

Moderate - Vacation and travel are going to occur often in your life, enjoy them to the fullest, just to be honest with how important your goals are to your overall happiness. Even implementing one of these principles into your plans can be effective in maintaining momentum towards your own finish line.