I've been training with Amy for the past 3 months now. I've always been intimidated by personal trainers and by the gym atmosphere, since so many others are fitter and stronger than me. But Amy was originally recommended to me by a close friend and told me I'd feel really comfortable at S10 Fitness. I took the plunge and had my first session with Amy and I left feeling so great! Not only from her non-judgemental style and demeanor, but my friend was right!

The S10 Fitness gym is small and personal, and everyone was lighthearted and unintimidating.

I was so happy to finally find the perfect gym and trainer, and it took away any of my anxieties that I had previously had. Thanks so much to Amy and S10!





Stories and memories more than ten years old are entitled to begin: “Once Upon a Time”. And so it was,
in this instance: Getting ready for morning office hours, dressing with a long sleeved shirt, and
struggling unsuccessfully to get my arm into the sleeve, my previously caring wife announced: “I’m
through helping you get dressed – and, by the way, you have an appointment tomorrow morning at the
gym with a trainer – no excuses, no begging off – DONE, FINAL, PERIOD!” I followed the command
and the following morning I was introduced to ’Trainer Bob’.

Being a well educated, experienced and successful primary care physician, I knew I had all of the
answers including diagnoses and solutions, but my results not well validated given my honest status and
a long rap sheet of assorted and accumulated musculoskeletal injuries and their toll, added to the
chronological impact of 75 years on the planet. Forty years of jogging daily on hard surfaces had pretty
much shut down that activity. The knees were talking back. Three simultaneously blown lumbar discs
piled on some degenerative lumbar spine arthritis reaffirmed that change. The most recent calamity was
a shredded supraspinatus rotator cuff tendon (suffered when I thoughtfully flung my wife’s seventy plus
pounds suitcase, unassisted, into an airport bus). And sweet wife’s Fiat was the thanks I got for that

Where to begin. It had to be the tendon issue. But some simultaneous general conditioning deserved
priority too. I was, to put it honestly, a ‘train wreck’, validated when an early exercise training session
nudged me into a slightly hypoglycemic, hypotensive near faint. Lying quietly on the floor I was
introduced to the no nonsense style and attitude of my new friend “BOB”. He unsympathetically
barked: “You obviously didn’t eat any breakfast. Do not expect to come here and work-out on fumes!”
First change: eat hearty breakfast – succinctly translated: “physician, heal thyself !”

So began the journey, now ten years duration, of consistent twice weekly, continuing, very rarely
missed sessions that transformed and now maintains me as a more active, safer, more comfortable and
fit nonagenarian. The commitment has paid off. It is certain that I avoided at least several surgical
remedies that might otherwise have been pursued.

The story does not end there. I learned very quickly that ‘BOB’ is not an ordinary or run of the mill
trainer – from observation of many other trainers at work. His knowledge of exercise physiology,
anatomy, functions, mechanics, precautions, limits, of exercise and training are consistently applied,
with intense, focused observations throughout training sessions. I have also witnessed a large variety of
customer problems and goals he has translated into successes.

The sequel: My supraspinatus tendon injury treatment was very successful with full range of motion
restored (unassisted dressing), but with ongoing maintenance activity. Concentration on building and
maintaining ‘Core Strength’, and general strength keeps my back comfortable and my balance and
agility in excellent condition.

I would be pleased to share other issues, memories and facts to interested parties by contacting Bob with
confidential referral for communication with me.





I started with Kaitlin Sten in 2009 at a previous gym and I followed her to each location she moved to until she found herself at S10. I was with her throughout two pregnancies and postpartum with both of my babies. It was important to me to stay active during my pregnancies and I was determined to lose my baby weight after they were born!

I am pleased to say that Kaitlin did an excellent job helping me to reach my goals.

It is apparent that Kaitlin is passionate about what she does and is 100% dedicated to help you reach your fitness goals - as long as you are willing to do your part as well. And while she pushes you to do your best, she's also very mindful and aware of any limitations you might have. Her fun and bubbly personality makes her an absolute joy to work with, and she will keep you on your toes with fun and creative workouts. Kaitlin is an incredible trainer, and I would highly recommend you getting in to see her! You won't regret it!




This beautiful lady right here has helped me so much over the past 16 weeks.

From start to finish she has been there, through the highs and lows always keeping me positive, and pushing me to be my best!

She's helped me fine-tune my nutrition and helped me get crazy good results, without plateauing, and be the leanest I've ever been in my entire life!! Thank you, Kaitlin, for everything. You are amazing and I couldn't have done it without you!!! Xoxoxo




A year ago I made myself a few goals, and one of the few was to step up on stage as a NPC bikini athlete. This past spring I saw photos of Kaitlin doing exactly what I wanted; she had competed in a show and looked absolutely stunning. 

More inspired than ever, I continued my path at training and prepping myself for a goal that had no expiration date. My best friend who is good friends with Kaitlin had suggested that I contact her and ask if she was interested in being my coach for my first show. Without hesitation Kaitlin said yes and we began from there. 

She had a plan for me that really worked!!!

Although I was hesitant at first when she said 'carb cycling' "Do you think you can do it?" Haha, being that I had just trained my body into not having so many carbs thoughout the day, I was a little nervous at first. BUT I learned sooooo much and the cycling worked for me. 
Me living in Tampa, FL and her in San Diego, CA our communication was through email. Whenever I had questions (which were A LOT, haha) she was always there and had an answer to everything!!

Kaitlin's knowledge, expertise, and guidance was what I needed to help me through this amazing journey of becoming a competitor. After 8 weeks of cycling and training day/night I finally stepped up on stage for the first time last night 9/14/2013 at the St Pete Muscle Classic and took 3rd place!!!

Thank you so much, Kaitlin, for everything. You truly helped me accomplish one of my goals this year!! All I could think about up on that stage was that I couldn't have done this without you. xoxoxo #simplyamazing



welcomed, comfortable, motivated.

I absolutely love working out at S10 Fitness.

I was referred by a friend after years of letting my health and fitness slide. I hated working out, until I met Kaitlin and the rest of the S10 team. They really know how to make someone feel welcomed, comfortable and motivated, which was important to me as someone who is very self-conscious about trying to exercise while being so out of shape.

Kait became so dedicated to helping me reach my goals, almost more dedicated than I was! In times when I can feel my motivation starting to slip, she never gave up on trying to get me back in the saddle. She is also incredibly knowledgeable about all things health and nutrition. She made me a custom nutrition plan, and when I actually stick to it, I get undeniable results!  She has gone above and beyond so far as to come to my home and show me how to prepare my meals for the week.

I also have had great experience with Dave. I have not trained with him, but whenever I become excessively sore or tense from exercising, he uses active release and massage therapy techniques on me and all my pain is pretty much instantly gone. He has a very in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the body and muscles work. You can really sense the passion for fitness that everyone at S10 has, and it becomes contagious! On top of all of their incredible knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and the human body, everyone at S10 is so warm, friendly, funny, and fun to be around. I actually have FUN when I'm exercising there, which I didn't even think possible! And I also get awesome results when I follow the program they laid out for me. I'd highly recommend that anyone embarking on a mission towards a fit healthy lifestyle should consider doing so with the S10 team behind them.




The team at S10 Fitness are truly spectacular!

First off I'm a chef, I and work 100+ hours per week. My biggest excuse for not working out was I don't have enough time in my day to focus on fitness. Well that was until I met Dave and Kait Sten a power couple (excuse the pun) they helped change my view on in order to be fit I had to be in the gym 5 days a week like some of my buddies.

Clearly if you want a super model body than that does become a full time job. But what about guys like me who just want to feel comfortable, you know like not having to hold my breath while tying my shoes or having cut lines on my gut from my belt when I sit down! Out of breath when climbing stairs and forget looking good in my clothes, I looked depressed always wearing black to look a little thinner.

The truth is I didn't need a huge life change I just needed some friendly coaching!

How can I enjoy food with out over indulging! Well in my case it was I didn't eat enough regularly instead I would wait to get off work as I was to busy for eating to be a priority over my work. This caused my metabolism to virtually stop and go into starvation storage mode. But wait I was still consuming over 11,000 calories a day at 5'7" 31 year old male!

Here is what it consisted of: 2 McDonald's sausage egg MC muffins at 7am then 12 IPAs and 2 California burritos between the hours of 11pm and 2am and straight to bed! Ha ha! ...seriously do the math.

Kait put me on a healthy 6 daily meals plan that actual tastes good, I mean I'm a chef, I can cook, I've just spent my entire career cooking healthy farm-to-table food for my guests and not myself. This woke my metabolism and and kicked it into overdrive. She mixed in 2-3 days of strength training cardio - that was fun!

I'm mean they guys are goof balls that are serious about health and fitness, so it wasn't overwhelming and the best part is it's one on one, meaning before I started losing weight I didn't have to feel self conscious around fit people cause there's only two people getting trained at once. Kait only pushes me as far as I want to be pushed and the results are real!

My confidence is up, I've lost 30+ lbs and my energy level is over the top! This year alone I've opened 4 restaurants in LA, SD and Tijuana and working on a new one in East Village now, and it's only March. I couldn't have done it without the team at S10, and owe my life to you all for giving me my life back! Thank you!