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They changed my life.

I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis ten years ago and my life was permanently altered. Instead of golf and running, I spent my time at hospitals and doctors’ offices trying to find the right medications for my condition. There is no cure for RA and it is a cruel, debilitating disease. I went thru numerous combinations of medications until the doctors found the right one. I practice yoga and stick to a non-inflammatory diet but still was in constant pain.

My client told me about S10 Fitness when he heard my doctor had advised me to have rotator cuff surgery. I began PT and training with Dave and Chris and it has changed my life. I have achieved almost a full range of motion in my shoulders as well as strengthening my entire body to better combat my disease. I am now playing golf again with my son, riding bikes and walking my 2 Alaskan Malamutes.

S10 fitness has not only helped me physically through rehab and training, they have helped me mentally by changing my daily outlook on life.

I am a positive individual but pain has a way of eroding your goodwill. Now I know I have the answer and I cannot thank Dave, Chris and Kaitlin enough.




I suffer from Sjogren’s Syndrome, an incurable disease which is the evil sister of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  After years of hospital visits, ambulance rides, days of living on the floor, epidurals, injections, physical therapy, medications, and anything recommended by my doctors, I had resigned to giving up.   My partner recommended S10 fitness, saying they “fixed” his back.  I was skeptical, overweight and desperate, but willing to try one more thing. 

I dusted myself off, fresh out of a walker, hobbling with a cane, and headed into S10 in August 2012.  The first few months were full of feeble movements.  Those movements alone were discouraging, but Dave and Chris were beyond encouraging.  They stared me in the eyes promised me that I WOULD progress.  What an understatement!  Okay, the tears are flowing now…

I feel I owe my life (from 2012 on) to S10 Fitness.

If someone told me two years ago, that I would be standing on top of a Swiss ball, or doing 360’s on and Indo board, I would have laughed.  Instead, I now laugh at Chris’ crude jokes while balancing like a boss!  I love this place and couldn’t recommend it enough, as a first or last resort!

P.S.  They deserve extra credit for suffering through and allowing me to listen to Misfits Radio on Sirius.




In December 2012 I had back surgery for a herniated disc. Six months later I was still living in pain and couldn’t find a doctor to help me. My husband found an article about a power lifter, who had a similar injury to mine, that was “fixed” by Dave and Chris. I had to see if they could help me too.

The only problem was I live in Houston, TX. I called and without hesitation they took on the challenge. We started working over the phone with simple exercises and constant updates.

They learned I was very impatient and I learned they were always right. In September 2013 I flew to San Diego for a weekend of torture training. I walked into S10 Fitness at a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale and flew home at a 3. I left with homework and a promise to return next month. We kept in touch almost daily with progress reports, but mostly I was asking if I could do more or go faster and Dave and Chris always saying no. I flew out once a month so Dave and Chris could work their magic on me, and by January they had me pain-free. It has been a year since we started our long distance training relationship and I am back to lifting, hitting new PR’s and training for a half marathon I never thought I would be able to run. Dave and Chris have a gift. They gave me back my life, pain-free, and I am forever grateful.




When I first ever was introduced to Chris and Dave I was 262 lbs of overweight and out of shape blob roaming the streets like a sad fast-food scavenger.

I told them my goals and visions and was met with the best intentions and constant motivation. Not one time was I doubted nor given any less attention than the next individual. Like the others I felt like I was put in front of there own life to help reach my goals.

Through hard work, dedication, killer diet plan, and constant push, I was flabbergasted at the results.

Not a day went by I didn't see a pound or more fall off!

After 9 months I signed up for a Jiu Jitsu tournament, the weight I was destined for was 155lbs. Chris not only helped me reach that weight but stay in the best shape ever and helped me win GOLD!!!!

Now fast forward a few years I've been able to hold the weight off. I now no longer fear the gym - I live for the gym. To this day there is an open connection between Chris, Dave, and I for any health questions! I would recommend S10 Fitness to anybody from the average person, people that are rehabilitating, and too athletes. The knowledge of weights, stretching, rehabilitation, weight management,  and most importantly the human body is bar none.





I crawled into S10 when I hurt my back deadlifting. Chris and Dave took such excellent care of me. I herniated two discs, and they knew how to bring me back to walking again.

Their patience and upbeat attitudes have me hope.

They had me up and walking and back to lifting in no time. It was a battle. You two will never know how much I appreciate you! You have such caring hearts, and am forever grateful. Right now I'm training for State Champs then State Games in Olympic Lifting. I feel Strong. I owe it all to you guys. Much Love.




I love working with this team. They keep my workouts interesting and really target my specific needs. Especially as a dancer I need a very tailored regimen. Thanks guys! You've kept me healthy to keep following what I love doing!




After just a few short hours with the guys at S10 I've been able to pin point problems and find easy to implement solutions that will help me for life! So glad I stopped in and if you wanna do away with pain or use your body's full potential, you should stop in too!





My name is Bella Virgilio, otherwise known as Other Mom “OM” to Dave Sten and Chris Daly of S10 Fitness. I was introduced to Dave and Chris by my son, Jimmy, on Christmas Eve 2008. Dave was my son’s personal trainer and out of concern for me Jimmy hatched a plan for Dave to meet up and talk to me. What better time than an Italian family Christmas Eve full of food, drink and laughter.

At that time I was 3 years post-op for major abdominal surgery. I was feeling quite down and basically useless. Only allowed to lift no more than 15lbs and because of major scar tissue not able to sit or stand comfortably. I had 2 granddaughters that I wanted to be able to keep up with and just couldn’t do it.

After talking to Dave and hearing that Jimmy was so concerned for my well-being I told Dave I would make an appointment to come and see him. Back then it took me awhile to get up the courage to make that appointment. You see, at the time I weighed 260lbs and was afraid to go to a gym where all the “fit people” worked out. Finally showed up at the gym 3 months later . Dave was tapping his watch and Jimmy was standing there laughing! Thus started my journey to a better self-image and better health. I followed Dave and Chris on their journey from the “big name gym”, to their garage gym and on to S10 Fitness. They are not only great trainers, but great friends and caring people. To make my “Other Family” complete was the addition of Dave’s beautiful wife Kaitlyn, who always greats me with a hug and a smile.  

If you want personal trainers who treat you like a person and not a number coming through the door give S10 Fitness a call. Be warned, they also both have a wicked sense of humor, so be ready to laugh while you work out!




Hands down the best place I have been to for rehab, maintenance and prevention of future injuries.

As a professional MMA fighter, I am always hurt and S10 always finds the issue and helps me in correcting it. I would not have been able to fight on two occasions of they didn't help my the knee pain I was having.

Aside from getting me through my injuries with their protocols, they also take it one step further and actually explain why they are doing what they are doing so you are being educated; which will help aid in prevention of future injury. I highly Recommend these guys for rehab and strength/conditioning.




This place is one of a kind, first rate! If everyone cared half as much as these guys about helping people feel better thus able to live better...the world as we know it would be exponentially better. S10fitness=priceless. Carry on.




Legit facility with legit trainers! I highly recommend this place!



S-10 Fitness is AB-SOLUTELY amazing.

The trainers here are super knowledgeable and have their A-game on at all times! They know the science of fitness and tailor workouts for the specific needs of their clients.. it rocks :) :) This isn't some corporate warehouse gym where they just want your cash and don't care about what happens after that. They have truly amazing personal touch and compassion for all the needs and obstacles that their clients are trying to overcome. 

The atmosphere here incredibly positive, encouraging, and they really have a knack for getting you to push your own limits, which is amazing for someone like me (a fitness novice) who was never naturally athletic and fairly overwhelmed by this whole process. 

The trainers here will take you step by step and break everything down for you, and get you really excited about fitness in general!! 

They also have a nutritionist on staff that will take the mystery out of healthy eating. 
S-10 designed me a custom food plan and more importantly took the time out of their schedule to teach me the science of eating right which is just as important as the fitness itself...

This place is truly something special, I would tell those people who want to start on their fitness journey but are intimidated by the whole gym thing to give S-10 a shot, you'll be amazed at what you are truly capable of!




I asked my friend Rob to give me a few pointers for leg work. He invited me to open gym at S10 Fitness (Saturdays). They not only blew my legs out (in a good way) but they also taught me how to roll out, stretch and blast my entire lower body. If you are serious about any goals be it strength, size or general know how you will find it at S10. Thanks guys.





I absolutely love this place! I have been training with Chris for a few years now. I have a very stressful job and need that extra push. Chris is great at keeping me motivated and excited to stick with my workout routine.

His knowledge is beyond any personal trainer I have ever worked with.

He is great at breaking things down so the average person can understand it and then apply it in their own workouts. The S10 facility is also what keeps me coming back. It has some of the coolest equipment around. This is no 24hr fitness! Every workout is different and exciting! Keep up the good work guys!




Coming from someone who HATES to workout, I'm having a love affair with Chris and Dave's new spot S10 Fitness.

Personal trainers and long time friends opened this spot in Point Loma and are changing the lives of their clients and focusing on the community.

I have been a client of Chris Daly for nearly 5 years.  Not only is he knowledgeable on all things fitness but he also keeps me on my toes with my workouts.

I'm never bored and always sweating.

He's encouraging and demanding but never pushes me past my physical limits.  Over the years he has nursed me through several injuries, hustled me towards my fitness goals and taught me that goonies truly never say die.

Throughout the week you'll see them both working separately with their own clients and also teaming up on a few they share.  Running classes and boot camps with local schools and groups on the weekends,  these guys never stop.

Stay strong San Diego.





This post is long overdue. If you want the TL;DR version (to long didn't read), skip to the bottom.

Initially, I was referred to S10 by my International-Level olympic lifting coach (implying he knows what he's talking about and not implying a correlation to my [lack-of] skills) to check out my bum shoulder that was bothering me from my own stupidity. I've tried several routes before (physical therapy, steroid injection -- prednisone, not the dbol, acupuncture, etc) and I trusted my coaches judgement so I setup a meeting with Chris, one of the owners of S10.

Now you might think to yourself, "Wait a minute, S10 Fitness is for personal training, not a physical therapy practice!" Technically, you are correct but they are SUPER KNOWLEDGEABLE about how the body works and how to remedy and strengthen weak areas -- You should expect this level of knowledge from a trainer.

For example, Chris taught me some active release techniques to help calm and loosen my upper pec / bicep which gave me instant relief in my shoulder. I've had several massage therapists and the amazing ones I kept on going utilized the same techniques on my problem areas. Interestingly, the mediocre ones learned a thing or two from me, their client, on how to relieve pain!

And that's what makes this place different from any other trainers I've had. I have learned so much on not only lifting techniques, but how to keep my body checked and refreshed so that it's ready for the next workout. My stretching/warm-up routine now consists of all the things Chris has taught me and I've been injury free ever since. I've also hit several PRs (personal records) under his tutelage while I trained with him,

Now, that I've talked about S10's magical healing properties, I'd like to focus on the actual training. Chris's workouts are not cookie cut out workouts at all; they are tailored to the individual's needs and goals. Since I was following an olympic lifting program by my coach, Chris made it his responsibility to determine the weaker parts of my lifts (Clean and Jerk, Snatch) and supplement them with exercises to bring those weaknesses up to par. The theory behind this is that in a lift, you are using your strongest muscles, which may overcompensate your weaker ones -- you are only as strong as your weakest link.

I must say some of these exercises were downright weird, complete with interesting names ("Duck foot deadlifts" come to mind). You will feel silly performing them at a globo gym. However, these exercises pinpointed my weak areas to a tee. They provided me ways to activate the muscle group which translated seamlessly to my main lifts. For example, in a lower back exercise, you can be assigned to perform hypertension until your back cries for mercy. Chris gave me variations to a deadlift, which is a very similar starting position to my clean/snatch. Thus, it was easy to take the lessons learned from his exercise and apply it to my lift since the movement was very similar.

Now S10 is not olympic lifting centric by any means. They have a wide variety of knowledge in all types of sports and lifting as demonstrated by their backgrounds and gym. When you step into their gym, you feel like a kid at a candy shop due to the variety of equipment they have -- platforms, squat rack, TRX, strongman atlas stones, etc. The facility seems limitless and that is supplemented with their knowledgeable trainers.

Unfortunately, I had to stop training under Chris because I had moved out of state but his philosophy on training has stuck with me since I left.

I think that's the greatest compliment any teacher can receive -- having the unique ability to pass down their passionate knowledge to their students and the students taking their teachings to heart.

TL;DR / Bottom Line: S10 is the real deal. Stop reading this and give them a call.




I've been working with Chris for about three years now, and in that time, he has been a huge part in helping me play football at a collegiate level. He has coached me through everything, from how to properly power clean, to helping me recover from lumbar disc herniation surgery, and I know that I am in good hands every time I walk in the door. Fully expect Chris to challenge you both mentally and physically for every workout, and introduce challenging new lifts and techniques to help you achieve your goals. I have been coached by many strength coaches and physical therapy trainers, but none that combine the knowledge, expertise, and manly facial hair that Chris has to offer. S10 is the place to go if you're looking to get into shape, recover from injury, or play a collegiate sport. I truly cannot say enough great things about Chris and Dave, and the job they have done at S10.



I can't say enough positive things about this place. I have been training with Gustav and, for the first time in years,  am seeing results. All of the trainers are positive and friendly.

I look forward to going to work out, which I prefer to dreading to go, and counting the minutes until I'm done.




In my late twenties, my body was a mess.  My years of wrestling, improper training, and massive amounts of sitting from engineering school and work had destroyed my body.  I couldn't bench press a bar without my shoulder pinching and giving out.  I couldn't go on a run without a nerve pulling in my groin.  I couldn't press over head without my shoulders clicking and grinding.  My father was a D1 college football player, I had been playing sports and working out my entire life, and now I couldn't do anything physical without something feeling very wrong. My mentality was draining and the lack of activity was making me depressed.   I had spent too much money on doctors visits, physical therapy, massages, and acupuncture with 0 results.  Nothing, nada, zilch.

In steps Chris Daily and his famous words "Let me get my hands on you"   During our first evaluation session, Chris asked what my goals were: "I want to be strong, but first and foremost, I need to function properly for once"   Chris went right to work, studying my poor motor-patterns and relating them to the pains and impingement I was having. He put together a program of foam rolling, mobility stretches, and power lifting.  YES, power lifting, to cure joint pains... sounded insane to me too.

The first couple of months were slow.  Lifting nothing but a bar to teach my body how to move properly.  Rolling, stretching, and lunges using a big stick.  Yawn... but it was working!!

After the initial phase of "walk before you can run" it has been an all-out sprint ever since.

Chris is always finding new goals and ways of  motivating me to push harder.  I had my first mock power lifting competition less than 1 year after my initial visit.  Throughout that time I've managed to injure myself twice doing stupid things like playing touch football and snowboarding.  Chris worked the rehab and both times had me set a new PR within a month of each injury.  I am turning 30 this October. Not only do I feel like an athlete again, but an athlete at peak performance.  I've never been as strong, mobile, or functional as I am today.

I am walking proof that S10 works. The care and knowledge Chris, Dave, and Kait put into each program is un-matched.  Also, did I mention how much FUN this place is!?  These three should be on the next TBS "Characters Welcome" commercial.  I'll never hate Mondays again, because I have my next session to look forward to.




S10 is hands down the best gym I’ve ever been a part of. I have been working out with Chris for nearly four years and he is one of the most friendly, professional, and toughest trainers I’ve ever worked out with. He constantly pushes me farther than I would push myself and is genuinely concerned with me making my fitness goals and as a person. The sessions are tough but he is there every step of the way to keep me going and not let me quit on myself. Chris generates individualized workouts at each session to target my strengths and weaknesses to give me the overall physical endurance, physique, and look that I strive for.  He is truly awesome. I met Dave and Katlin through Chris and S10 and immediately felt as if I had found a home away from home,

they are fun, down to earth, and just cool people to be around that make you feel like family.

I have personally seen ages from teen to elderly in every shape and capacity you can imagine.  There is no one S10 cannot train or get into shape if the individual wants it, because the inspiration, confidence, and motivation will not just be given but driven into everyone who walks through the door.  Physical fitness and health is a way of life for me not only because I’m active duty military but also a registered nurse and know the long term benefits of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. 

Invest in yourself, your health, and your future.  Get a trainer and take your fitness to the next level!



had my back from the beginning

I met Chris at the gym I train at, Fortius, in 2013, he had been working with fellow lifters and my coach.
I was making progress but had nagging pains, that became bigger issues, that in turn set my lifting back quite a bit.  He and has worked with me through bicep tendonitis, hip spasms, multiple imbalances and through last year's recovery and work, I've learned a lot about my body, key warnings/indicators and how to take care of myself through training.  What I love is that he gave me things to do, that were conducive to my training, through the recovery process... so I wasn't just a lazy potato.
He didn't just treat me like a client, but became my friend and someone who wanted to see me PR! Had my back from the beginning of recovery, through my plateau of being stuck at 175lb for a back squat, to when I finally hit 215lb. 
It's not just Chris, everyone at s10 Fitness is awesome, supportive, nice and fun to be around.  I love their open gym time on Saturdays, the other lifters that come and play are just as fun, and it's the great kind of meat heady environment, without the attitudes or egos.
Oh and they're freak strong there too. Check out Chris and Dave in action at California Strongest Man 2014.
Love you guys <3

...3 years later after many lifting milestones, recovery from injuries and great weekends here, I've not only gained a better understanding about strength and training, but also about health and taking better care of my muscles. 

The people at s10 are truly truly a wonderful group of strong, kind, intelligent and all around wonderful individuals.  They become invested and are motivated by your success and focus on helping make the best version of you for life, not just for a quick aesthetic change.  

There were nights when Chris stayed late to coach me through a squat PR, others where on a weekend open gym, David would spend time to help me better mobilize for a lift.  

Although the gym is listed under fitness and training, these guys are incredibly knowledgeable in anatomy and restorative exercise.  

This place is also a lifter's playland! They have all the fun things, stones, platforms, yokes, logs, endless places to squat, an outdoor lifting area and so much more!



Highly Recommended

The day of January 5th 2013 I suffered a compound fracture to my forearm that required the surgical implantation of 2 titanium plates. I went through physical therapy at a location in Eastlake, which helped get my range of motion back, but did very little to reach my personal fitness goals.  A buddy of mine, on hearing my concerns with lifting heavy weights with a recently mended arm, suggested S10 Fitness and I am very thankful of it.

When I first walked in to discuss my concerns and goals, I was greeted with enthusiasm and a sense of welcoming. The first appointment was for the staff to get an idea of what limitation my injury had left me with and also to spot any other issues (posture, range of motion, etc…) not related to my injury. I was very impressed with the knowledge base the staff had as well as with their willingness to listen and dispel any concerns I had and have had.

I have been going to S10 Fitness for a little less than a year and my personal results have me coming back, week after week.

Not only have I been able to return (with confidence) to heavy lifting with my arm but I have also noticed great gain in my all around physical abilities.

The facility is not large but all the tools needed to get in a good workout are readily available. The staff and other clients (usually 2 other people training at the same time) are very friendly and polite leading to a sense of “welcome”. S10 Fitness is all about helping you and getting you to where you want to be. 

I personally train with Chris and what I can say about him is that he is very knowledgeable, and is very keen to make sure I am comfortable with what he asks of me as well as to listen to any new aches and pains or concerns I may be having. One thing of note is that even though I personally train with Chris, the other members of the staff are as equally concerned and attentive, and share in my development by way of bouncing around of exercises I can do or by noticing I need to make adjustments in my form.

I get my butt handed to me every time I walk through that door, they all push you because they care and never ask a client to do more than they are capable of.

Coming to S10 Fitness was a great decision. From the very first session, you will see why S10 is the way to go if you want to help yourself and help your health. They have helped tremendously in making strides to achieve my goals, goals which at one point seemed out of reach. After every session, I always walk away with a sense of accomplishment and all the knowledge shared with me. S10 Fitness comes highly recommended.