I'm certain he can do this for anyone

Any trainer can stand there and talk about the weather and what a great person you are. But if you’re looking for a trainer that will push you hard and get results quickly, I strongly recommend you give James a chance. He was able to combine his wide range of kinesiology, MMA and sports knowledge to create the very challenging high intensity training program that I asked him for. I saw results within 3 weeks, and after 5 weeks of training with him, I’m certain he can do this for anyone!



it has been all positive work

James has been a phenomenal trainer. He has pushed me every single training session to strive to get better, making great progress since I have started training with him. I started off very hesitant about being in the gym but he instilled confidence in me to get where I am at and feel comfortable. We clicked instantly and it has been all positive work. I start off each session with a max set of pull ups, push ups and crunches showing slow improvement each time with James coaching me and showing better techniques. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone asking who to train with.



more than a trainer

James is more than a trainer; not only does he care about your fitness goals (which you outline in the beginning of working with him) but he cares about your life goals. I have had the privilege of working with James for nine sessions and I have already lost seven pounds, while increasing my flexibility and strength in the process. James has also helped me set and track my dieting and career goals.
James's holistic approach of personal training makes him a premier trainer.