Loud Tommy, the personal trainer born out of necessity, is on a mission to save you from a body riddled with problems.

Picture this: I’m 27 years old, a former athlete and full time aerospace engineer.  That’s right, long days crammed into a small box, leaning over a keyboard crunching numbers. I have old wrestling injuries, poor posture, back spasms, and searing shoulder pain.

That’s when I came into S10 Fitness and started training with Christopher Daly.  I wanted to feel strong and athletic again, but mostly, I just wanted to function like a human’s supposed to.  It was in my quest for a strong deadlift and squat that I gained a deep knowledge of corrective programming, performance training, and sports specific exercise.  After three years as a dedicated client, I combined my love for science and physical activity to join the S10 family of trainers.

I now use the engineering principals of “form, fit, and function” to design better people humans. 

Yes, even you can be the 6 million dollar man!  You just have to stop in and say “hi” (don’t let the red grizzly scare you on the way in, that’s just our pet owner Chris).

S10 fitness; proven track record + years of experience, at affordable rates = your success.