An Online Training Course Unlike Anything You Have Ever Tried.

$399.99 $349.99

The content of this course has the value of
AT LEAST 10 in-person training sessions with our expert trainers.

We are confident that this method will be able to improve performance in athletes and reduce stress for everyone. We are so excited to make this an affordable way to reach so many more people around the globe.

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  • Instructional Videos
  • 6 Weeks of Brain Training
  • Vision, Vestibular, & Coordination Drills
  • Flexibility to Complete the Course from Anywhere
  • Downloadable Charts & Instructions
  • A Renewed Awareness of Your Brain-Body Connection!

Greater Strength & Good Form. 

For years clients have come to S10 Fitness, seeking two things: GREATER STRENGTH & GOOD FORM. These two things help facilitate all of the other reasons that bring people to us: Strength Training, Injury Rehab, Weight Loss, etc.

Functional Neurology allows us to double those efforts – brain training stimulates the nervous system which allows clients to fully access their strength. Brain training refines the neuro-muscular connection, making good form smoother and easier.

When clients train their brains, they reduce overall stress. When stress is reduced, overall health improves. When overall health improves, body weight begins to balance. Whether your goal is to gain or lose, reduced stress is key.