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Man holds arms outstretched with ball in one hand, Trainer Dave holds a pencil for man to focus his vision while performing a vision drill.

Introducing: Trust the Process

Jul 11, 2021

All your life experiences stem from your brain’s ability to survive in the world. Your eyes, ears, and skin create the beautiful dance with the world that is movement. How well your brain sees, balances and feels determines the quality of movement at any given moment. In order to maximize movement performance, we can give the brain specific signals through your eyes, ears and receptors. These signals are in the form of exercises that, when done correctly, will force your brain and body to adapt neurologically and physiologically to allow for higher quality movement.

Making sure your neurology functions

We have a unique approach that directly involves the brain health and function by testing vision, vestibular (balance) and the sensory systems of the body (touch and breathing), we can observe a full spectrum viewpoint of your health. This allows for a custom plan to solve whatever obstacle you face. 


Functional Neurology is a unique approach that directly involves brain health and nervous system function. It involves testing vision (your eye function), vestibular (balance) and the sensory systems of the body (touch and breathing), in order to observe a full spectrum of your health. This allows for a custom solution to whatever obstacle you face, and can translate to creating a healthy exercise program.

Trust the Process is the foundational training of stability. In order to be stable mentally and physically, one must have highly functioning eyes, ears and joints that send information to and from the brain. Movement as we know it is completely voluntary and its quality is determined by the stability of the body. The stability can be hindered without the athlete’s knowing. This is where Trust the Process originates. There are components to your brain and body that are not functioning well without your attention. Improving the function of these systems unlocks your true potential. At S10, we need you to trust our process because although our approach may be unconventional, it allows for change at an unprecedented level. You have the possibility to walk away from each session seeing faster, balancing stronger and performing better. 

Your brain is important and most training systems look at the body from the neck down. Our program looks at the body from the neck up- where all that you do and experience is brain derived. By going through this program, your nervous system will improve dramatically.

We need YOU to Trust the Process and your performance will skyrocket!

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